About the Program

Who: Ages 9-12
What: Leadership development
When: During after-school care & day camp program hours

Thrive’s Jr. Leader’s Program is a leadership development program for kids ages 9-12 during regular program hours of after-school & day camps. By learning skills and leading by example, our Jr. Leader’s grow in their own capacities for leadership, teamwork and creative problem-solving.

Availability of the Jr. Leader's program is dependent on the number of kids enrolled. Please check your Thrive center for availability.

Jr. Leader's Workshops

Thrive holds Jr. Leaders Workshops activities 2-4 times per month during regular program time.

Jr. Leaders activities are a special time set aside on the calendar for our Staff to intentionally engage with kids through relational mentoring. They will learn leadership skills with a different focus during each workshop for the duration of their time in the Jr. Leaders Program. Kids who have enthusiastically taken part of the Jr. Leader’s program are invited to apply for L.E.A.D (Jr. Staff) positions during our Summer Camps, once they turn 13.

We intentionally make space for our Jr. Leaders to practically apply their leadership skills throughout regular Thrive programming, not just during Jr. Leaders Workshops. Examples of this include Jr. Leader-led activities during after-school care, assisting younger children during activities, or helping to lead on Rally Day.

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All programs follow the recommendations of the local Health Authority and the Province of BC for childcare programming.

Jr. Leader Camps

Jr. Leaders 9-12 who who have demonstrated enthusiastic leadership attitudes durring the school year get to plan and participate in 1 or 2 Jr. Leader over-night events per year.

This option may not be available in all locations and won't be happening while there are Covid-19 restrictions on camps for kids.

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