Our Raving Fan community encouragespromotes, and supports Thrive's mission.

What does a Raving Fan do?

  • Prays for the ministry

  • Uses their personal and professional connections to RAVE spreading the word to help recruit staff, volunteers, financial support and new families to our events and programs.

  • Contributes their gifts and talents to help when they are able for events such as fundraisers, building and property projects, retreats, and more.

  • Back's their words of affirmation and promotion with financial support for the mission according to their ability.

Raving Fans:

  • Receive regular communication about Thrives impact on kids lives

  • Are provided with insider information of how to pray for our staff, children and situations

  • Will have opportunities to speak into the ministry of Thrive as advisors

  • Are invited monthly to LIVE COMMUNITY Zoom meetings to gather, celebrate, network, pray and plan

  • Can participate in occasional local team gatherings for community engagement and fun

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