At Thrive, we believe that regular interaction with nature makes kids happier, healthier and smarter.

For this reason, all children play outside for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, rain or shine! On top of regular outdoor play Thrive kids have no less than two nature-based out trips per week to a park, wetland or forested area to explore, discover, and let their imaginations soar!

Nature-based out trips usually include free time to play in nature, they also may include forest games, fort building, hikes, bug hunts, nature crafts, scavenger hunts, nature photography etc. At times out trips may also include flora and fauna identification, outdoor safety, and lessons about wilderness survival skills.

Some examples of out-trips we take:

  • A hike up a mountain
  • Fishing
  • A beaver watching excursion
  • A stroll along the bird sanctuary 
  • A walk to the local creek to play in the willow trees
  • Frog catching
  • Capture the flag in the forest

We Believe Kids Should Play

As we encourage the kids to interact with nature, they often get dirty and sometimes wet.

If parents prefer to keep school clothes clean, we encourage you to leave play clothes at the center so your child can change into them.