Jennilee Greig Executive Director

Jennilee has been working in After-School centers throughout the valley since 2000. In 2007, she opened Thrive Out of School Club. Her desire is to see kids mentored through the building of skills, creativity, and confidence rather than just being entertained. Jennilee has over 900 hours of child-related training and is always seeking to learn new and different approaches to school-aged child development. She loves nature and spends much of her free time hiking, kayaking and rock climbing. 



Jonathan Oslund Administrator

Jonathan has been working with Thrive for over 6 years. He joined in 2013 to open the Thrive Location at St. Davids- now Mountainview Thrive. He was the Manager there for about 6 years and enjoyed mentoring the kids and staff. He especially liked to play sports, challenging the jr leaders and connecting with the kids while building relationships with them. Jonathan looks forward to learning and helping families in his new role as Administrator. He enjoys spending time with his two boys and his wife Steph. Some personal interests Jonathan has are being active  playing sports, working on his car, and singing and playing guitar. 



Hannah Fiechter Bookkeeping & Finance 

Hannah has been with Thrive since 2019 and has recently come on full time after having completed a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Hannah has several years of experience in bookkeeping for charities and is enjoying being able to put her skills to use at Thrive. Besides her passion for business, Hannah also loves both children and the outdoors. In her spare time, Hannah likes to ski and travel.