Fall 2020-2021 After school Registration


Follow these five easy steps to enrol your child today:


Step 1: Contact us to confirm space

T: 250.803.8402
Email: enderbythrive@gmail.com 


Step 2: Read our policies and procedures

Covid Care Policy  Parent Handbook   Financial Policies

Step 3: Create a Sandbox account

Make a personal profile for your child in our database

Sandbox Registration

Once you have created an account, you can login at future times to make any neccessary changes to your information here: Parent Portal

(Parents can also download the Sandbox Parent App on iOS and/or Android Devices by typing Sandbox Parent App in the App Store (for iOS devices) or on Google Play (for Android Devices). You would simply just use the log-in credentials that they use for the parent app.)

Step 4: Create a Regpac account and choose your dates

This is where you set up payment to save your child's spot 

Create/Login your Account


Step 5: Get Ready to Thrive

The manager will contact you shortly with details for your child's first day


Any questions regarding your child's first day should be directed to Jesse Harder 

T: 250.803.8402
Email: enderbythrive@gmail.com